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Freehold Owners Association


If you own freehold mineral rights in Canada, you are not alone!

Hundreds of thousands of individuals, who typically are the descendants of Canada’s original settlers, own any coal, oil or gas which may exist beneath farm-sized parcels of land in southern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. These ‘freehold owners’ or ‘freeholders’ generally have no technical or legal experience and find themselves at a tremendous disadvantage in their dealings with the energy companies that lease and develop their mineral rights.

Our mineral rights have immense collective potential value.  For instance, if individual freehold owners had received the same return on the approximately 4% of Alberta’s oil and gas that they own as the Alberta Government did on the 81% that the Province owns, individuals owning Alberta freehold mineral rights would have received approximately $400 million from their energy company-lessees in the year ending March 31, 2009. Did you get your fair share?

Freeholders are not ‘lucky’ to own subsurface oil and gas rights. Our forefathers broke the land in harsh circumstances at the turn of the 20th century and earned the right to the minerals which we have inherited.

It is time we spoke with a common voice to protect our heritage!

Join FHOA – a volunteer, not for profit organization which

    • Provides education & information to freehold owners
    • Researches issues of concern to freeholders
    • Promotes fairer treatment for freehold owners by acting as their common voice

Freehold Petroleum & Natural Gas Owners Association

"Freehold Owners Association"

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