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The continued success of the Freehold Owners Association depends on the support of our valued members and concerned public.

The generous donations of concerned FHOA members provided the funding necessary to support FHOA’s successful intervention in the Alberta Energy Regulator (formerly known as the “Energy Resources Conservation Board”) (the “AER (formerly known as the “ERCB”)”) hearing on entitlement to coal bed methane (“CBM”) beneath split title lands. Furthermore, legislation introduced by the Government of Alberta on October 27, 2010 confirming CBM ownership in the hands of the owners of split title natural gas was no doubt prompted by the thousands of freehold owners who signed FHOA’s petition seeking such legislation (see ‘FHOA Research’, ‘The CBM Ownership Dispute’).

So too, donations funded FHOA’s successful intervention before theAER (formerly known as the “ERCB”) in the ‘capable of producing leased substances’ hearing and the intervention of FHOA’s member in the subsequent appeal of the AER (formerly known as the “ERCB”) ruling to the Alberta Court of Appeal. The Court’s ruling has gone a long way to putting to an end the practice by industry operators of continuing freehold leases for speculative purposes with wells which are not economically viable (see ‘FHOA Research’, ‘The Capable of Producing Issue’). The fact that FHOA members filled the courtroom to overflowing made it clear to the Court that the issue impacted real people and was not just another dispute between two energy companies.

Our success in these matters is a testament to what individual freehold owners can accomplish when we work together.

We urge those of you who have not joined the Freehold Owners Association to become a member and, if you can, to make a donation to FHOA.



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