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About Offset Wells

     a) How Nearby Wells May Impact Your Un-leased Mineral Rights

     b) How Nearby Wells May Impact Your Leased Mineral Rights

     c) Oil & Gas Ownership

     d) The Impact of the Rule of Capture

     e) Oil & Gas Conservation Legislation

     f) Offset Obligations

     g) CAPL 88 & 91 Offset Obligations

          1) Offset Well Definition

          2) Offset Well Clause

               a. Confidential Information

               b. Proviso 1

               c. Proviso 2

               d. Proviso 3

               e. Proviso 4

               f. Proviso 5 & the Surrender Clause

               g. Proviso 6 & the No Implied Covenant Issue

               h. Nevis Example

          3) Conduct of Operations & Entire Agreement Clauses

          4) Default Clause

          5) Summary


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