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FHOA sends newsletters out a few times a year to keep members up to date with the latest news that may have an affect on their mineral rights. 

In order to keep costs low members have the option to receive the newsletters via email. Contact Us if you would like to start receiving your newsletters in your inbox. 


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Latest Newsletter:

The Price of the Oil & Gas Industry's Undue Influence, April 9, 2018

The Insolvency Juggernaut October 30, 2017

Thanks Else Pedersen! June 17, 2017

The Lexin Fiasco - An Indictment of Alberta's Property Rights Legislation & a Clarion Call for Change

Darwin's Theory or the Same Old, Same Old, February 29, 2016



OFF-TARGET WELLS, April 4, 2013

Alberta's New Single Energy Regulator, February 18th 2013

The New FHOA Website & the 2012 FHOA Lease 

Landmark Ruling For Freehold Owners, September 21st 2011

Bill 24: Alberta Pore Space Legislation: Expropriation Without Compensation, Legislation Necessary For The Good Of All Albertans, Or Both March 31st 2011

2010 - A Good Year for FHOA and Freeholders, December 10th 2010

The Tilted Crown/Freehold Playing Field, September 30th 2010

The Property Rights of Freeholders, March 15th 2010

United We Stand, Divided We Fall, January 29th 2010

A New FHOA Initiative, November 10th 2009

This Could Happen To You, October 1st 2009

Shut In Wells & Freehold Lease Agreements, March 14th 2009

Offset Obligations – Promises Made To Be Broken, October 28th 2008

Time for Action & Accountability, February 1st 2008

Our Fair Share – A Test of Leadership, October 8th 2007

What’s Right for all Albertans, March 30th 2007

Coal Bed Methane Ownership – When is Natural Gas Not Natural Gas? November 4th 2006

Freehold Mineral Tax… A Summer Cliff Hanger, August 18th 2006

The Slippery Slope of Expediency, March 15th 2006

Privacy Legislation – Impact on Freeholders, January 4th 2006

We Expected Better, February 10th 2005

Understanding Freehold Mineral Tax, July 12th 2004

Coal Bed Methane… What It Means to Freeholders, November 12th 2003

Has Big Oil Co-opted the Justice System, May 6th 2003

Estate Planning for Freehold Minerals, October 28th 2002

1500th Freehold Owner Joins FHOA, February 28th 2002

FHOA – Going forward into 2001, August 8th 2001

FHOA – A First Step towards Fairness, December 29th 2000

Initial Membership Drive Successful, February 22nd 2000




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