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Giving Value to Freehold Owners’ Mineral Rights


Provide mineral evaluation reports for freehold owners

  • Probate for estates
  • Estate planning for mineral rights
  • Help families to consolidate their titles
  • Want to know what the future may hold for your rights?

You will receive a written report including

  • Estimated net present value of mineral rights
  • Zones producing in the surrounding area
  • Potential for these zones within the area of your mineral rights
  • Production graphs for wells producing from your mineral rights

Cost of Freehold Owner Evaluation Services ("FOES")
FOES is structured so that 10% of the fee for providing freehold owners with an evaluation report accrues to FHOA. The average cost for a report is between $750-$1500 + GST.  

Getting in Touch With Us
If you are a member of the association and are interested in getting a quote for an evaluation report, please contact us. This service is not available to non-members of the Association.


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"Freehold Owners Association"

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