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Who can post their mineral rights for sale or for lease? This service is available to FHOA members only.

How does this work? Simply download and fill out the Advertising Your Mineral Rights Form (please log in to download form) and send it into the office along with your certificate of title or payment for certificate of title retrieval.

How much does it cost? It does not cost anything for FHOA members to advertise their mineral rights on the FHOA website. If you do not provide us with your certificate of title it will cost you $10 per quarter section for FHOA to retrieve it from the respective provinces land titles department. A $100 donation to the association would be appreciated upon lease or sale of your mineral rights.

Will my contact information be published? No. If someone is interested in leasing or purchasing your mineral rights they will contact FHOA and we will give you their contact information.

I have mineral rights in Alberta; can I post my mineral rights? Yes.

I have mineral rights in Saskatchewan; can I post my mineral rights? Yes.

I have mineral rights in Manitoba; can I post my mineral rights? Yes.

Why is it $10 for you to verify my ownership if I do not provide you with my Certificate of Title? The cost to retrieve your certificate of title is $10.

Where can I just go and get the Certificate of Title myself in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba? See Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will you keep my advertisement up on the website? Six months.

What is the deadline for submitting my Advertising Your Mineral Rights Form? There is no deadline, we will do our best to publish your mineral rights advertisement within 5 business days of receiving it at our office.

Can I advertise my mineral rights as for sale AND for lease? Yes.

I don’t know how much I should sell my mineral rights for, what should I do? You can chose the “make me an offer” option on your form or if you would like an evaluation done to determine the value of your mineral rights please see Freehold Owners Evaluation Service.

I want my advertisement at the top, what can I do to get it there? FHOA will be posting ads in order by land location not by request at this time.


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