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The directors of the Freehold Petroleum & Natural Gas Owners Association (FHOA) have set the fee for membership in FHOA at $75 to be payable on a 12 month basis (i.e pay in September, membership expires next September). Alternatively, members can pay $140 for 24 months (2 years). Membership fees are currently the Association’s primary source of funding. Help us to help you protect your property rights by forwarding your cheque for membership to the Association and by making your family members, friends and neighbours who own freehold minerals aware of FHOA.

One of FHOA’s purposes is to act as an advocate for freeholders by representing the interests of the freehold owner community in dealings with the oil and gas industry, industry regulators and governments.  To do this effectively we need to represent a significant percentage of all freeholders.  As freehold mineral rights have passed down from one generation to the next, the number of freehold owners has increased.  Clearly, FHOA would like all members of a family owning mineral rights to join our association.  Failing this, if you have joined the Freehold Owners Association on behalf of  a number of family members who share in your title, and if your family wishes FHOA to represent their interests in dealings with relevant organizations and authorities, please indicate this.

Memberships are based in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and are payable using cheque (CAD), money order, Visa or MasterCard. We do accept Canadian and International Visa and MasterCard payments over the phone and on the website.

To download the Renewal Form to print off and mail in please click here.

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Freehold Petroleum & Natural Gas Owners Association

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