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The Freehold Owners Association was organized in October of 1999, in an attempt to level the playing field between freeholders and the oil and gas companies that lease our oil and gas interests. FHOA is a federally-incorporated, not-for-profit corporation currently registered to operate in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

A volunteer board of directors governs the activities of the Freehold Owners Association. The current board was elected by the members at FHOA's April 30, 2016 Annual General Meeting. The board consists primarily of ordinary citizens who own freehold oil or gas interests, but also includes members of the legal community and oil and gas industry professions who are concerned with maintaining fairness in society while still championing the fundamental principles of free enterprise ("Board of Directors"). At the April, 2015 Annual General Meeting, Mrs. Else Pedersen was re-elected as President of FHOA to hold office for a term of two years.

The principle goals of the Freehold Owners Association are to:

  • provide information and education which will help freehold owners protect their valuable resources;
  • research issues of concern to freeholders ("FHOA's Concerns");
  • promote fairer treatment for all freehold owners by acting as a common voice for freeholders and bringing the legitimate concerns of freehold owners to the attention of the oil and gas industry, industry regulators, governments and the general public, and by advocating reasonable resolutions to these concerns (“Common Voice”)

As of April 1, 2014, approximately 4,900 individuals representing more than 26,000 freehold owners have joined the Freehold Owners Association. If FHOA is to achieve its goals, we need your support ("Director's Message")


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"Freehold Owners Association"

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