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In the opinion of the Freehold Owners Association, not all members of the Canadian oil and gas industry are maintaining reasonable standards of business morality in their dealings with individual freehold owners ("FHOA's Concerns"). Furthermore, the regulatory and judicial checks and balances which Canadians expect will protect the vulnerable from exploitation by the powerful do not appear to be working in the case of freehold owners ("The Role of Regulatory Authorities", "The Role of Canadian Courts"). FHOA believes that it is time that Canadian freeholders received fair treatment from all members of the oil and gas industry and fair value for the non-renewable resources which form part of our heritage.

FHOA's challenge is to inform and educate, to reduce complex technical and legal matters to fundamental issues of fairness, and to present reasonable solutions to freeholders' concerns in a non-confrontational manner. Our hope is that such an approach will attract the support of governments, regulatory authorities and the great majority of Canadian oil and gas companies who are good corporate citizens.

If the Freehold Owners Association is to succeed in our efforts, we need the support of all individual freehold owners. Join our organization and help us to help you to protect your heritage. Together we can speak with a common voice - together we can achieve greater fairness ("How to Join FHOA").

The directors wish to express their appreciation to Alberta Energy for its assistance during FHOA's formative period and for the department's $250,000 grant to support freeholder information & education which FHOA used in the two-year period ending March 31, 2012 to update its website.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,


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