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Whether you are contemplating joining FHOA for the first time or deciding if you want to renew, read what our members have to say about the continued benefits of being part of the Freehold Owners Association.

“FHOA is an excellent resource for learning and understanding more about family mineral rights. I wish I’d found this site sooner, so I wouldn’t have wasted time contacting firms that weren’t as informative. Living in the USA makes this process even more complicated, and through FHOA’s resources and responses to my emails, I was more enlightened into what my family needed to do.”

Vicki F.


“The Freehold Petroleum & Natural Gas Owners Association is the only collective voice for Freehold Mineral Rights Owners. This organization, through a small group of dedicated volunteer leading experts, have championed for Freeholders for 20 years. The website has volumes of information that has been thoroughly researched and presented in a manner understood by ALL individual owners.

Our family became acquainted with this organization years ago and some members of the family have held a membership for several years. The legacy of Freehold Mineral Rights was a very important part of our family history. As young children, we learned the value of keeping these Mineral Rights and organizing ourselves to continue the administration of them with oil and gas representatives. Family gatherings were often organized around sharing information from the Administrator when new Lease opportunities were offered.

It has been my privilege to represent our family at the Annual General Meeting and information sessions. The information I gathered has helped our family research how to pass this valuable family legacy on to the next generation. The website has been an invaluable tool for providing the whole family with the details from the AGM and information sessions that added to my personal notes. We have also received information that will help us determine the value of our holdings and what needs to be looked for in future lease contracts with an Oil & Gas Representative.

As Freehold Owners, we could lose this voice and collected knowledge if we don’t act. We need to help our organization have a larger voice. Taking out a membership will assist this organization to continue its work on behalf of Freeholders. We NEED NOW more than ever to make our voices heard!

Encourage MLA’s to look at the information on the website OR hand them some printed out documents to read. That is the best way to share the knowledge of Freeholder’s role in the Oil and Gas Industry.

It is difficult to understand the total lack of consideration or acknowledgement of the Freeholders Petroleum & Natural Gas Owner Association in this province. There have been many smaller organizations that have achieved recognition and great financial boosts from government yet an integral part of the Oil & Gas Industry has been totally ignored. These same Oil and Gas reserves held by Freeholders have provided extremely large sums of financial contribution to this province. But, the Freeholders have only a small portion of the income from the Oil & Gas Industry as a token for access to those Oil & Gas reserves and Freeholders are left with Nothing when Oil Companies go broke.”

E. B. Tichler, Patricia Aitchison, and V. Trenker


“I can attest to the immeasurable help I have received from FHOA over the years, especially from Mr. David Speirs. My mother and I have been members from almost the beginning of the FHOA. I have had numerous conversations and requested opinion or clarification of documents and always received helpful advice. I have learned a lot regarding our mineral rights from FHOA and appreciate their expertise.”

Patricia Keyzers


“It has been an honour to represent freehold mineral owners for 17 years as FHOA’s President, helping represent their concerns to Government at all levels including the Dept of Energy, Justice, Agriculture (Farmers Advocate), Environment, The Alberta Energy Regulator, (AER), and various Government Sponsored Task Forces. It was also a pleasure to help inform and educate freehold owners throughout the province and attend several Surface Rights Groups to share and understand common issues of Surface and Subsurface Property Owners.

The 15 member FHOA Board brings valuable skill-sets to assist the freeholder community in areas such as Technical Production Information, Freehold Owner Mineral Evaluation, Estate Planning, Offset Obligation, Royalty Recovery, Receivership and Bankruptcy Issues.

It may seem that FHOA’s efforts have little effect, but we must continue to voice our concerns – or we are in danger of losing the right to our valuable property. Make no mistake Government would like to see us disappear and go away but my dream is that one day, every mineral owner in this province will be a member of FHOA so that our unified voice will have real clout.”

Else Pedersen


“When dealing with my parents’ estate, the accountant asked for an evaluation of the mineral leases. I had no idea where to begin. During my research, I stumbled upon FHOA and Mr. David Speirs. Upon contacting him, he knew right away what I needed and began gathering the information to complete the evaluation. I have learned so much from him about mineral leases and how to negotiate with the oil companies. I truly appreciate Mr. Speirs and Freehold Owners Association for the work they do to protect our rights as mineral owners.”

Margaret Hueppelsheuser


“Years ago, I became involved in negotiating a new oil lease for the family. I knew very little about it. FHOA was a god-send. They provided so much useful information which I would never have found on my own. I cannot say enough about David Speirs, whose knowledge is boundless. He was extremely helpful, as was Else Pedersen. My knowledge base was greatly enhanced by their willingness to help and their understanding of the intricacies of oil lease negotiation. I found attending FHOA seminars also useful. In my opinion, FHOA is a must-have resource if one owns mineral rights.”

Lorna P


“I am one of those people who lack the technical and legal expertise of the oil and gas operators who lease and sometimes develop our mineral rights.
I have always felt a strong sense of security being a member of FHOA; knowing my interests were being protected and defended. In addition, I remember phoning FHOA with a question about leaving the mineral rights to my children. They were very kind, patient and helpful, and addressed my questions clearly.
The mineral rights our family owns, were a gift handed down by our grandfather and it’s my desire is to continue that legacy for my children.
Many thanks for all that you do.”

Denise Hill


“FHOA has been a great source of information and support since I’ve been managing our family’s legacy mineral rights. It’s great to see support from the legal community and other mineral experts at the meetings. Thanks for everything you do on our behalf! I strongly recommend membership with FHOA, worth every penny!”



“Over the years there have been several questions answered via my association with FHOA including situations affecting freehold owners that have arisen provincially; that I in BC would not have known of, save for regular FHOA newsletters and meetings.

Most recently, because of my age and estate concerns, and because my hearing using a phone is sketchy, my wife has been very helpful and having informative discussions with David Speirs regarding methods of evaluating my holdings, and how in fact, we could attend to the transfer of title, ourselves, online. In that we from BC, as is our accountant, we were particularly pleased to have this information so readily shared, from a source whose knowledge we value.

Our association with FHOA has provided us with history and kept us up to date regarding these holdings, when those seniors in the know, in my family, have passed.”

Dave Reed


“We have been members of FHOA for 6 or 7 years now. From their comprehensive website to friendly advice when asked, they’ve been a great resource. Our membership has consistently proven its value and it’s reassuring to feel we’re never alone. Everyone who owns freehold resources should join FHOA.”

Daryl Plant


“I cannot speak highly enough of FHOA and its advocacy for freehold mineral owners. It is the single indispensable source of information, guidance – and defence! – for freehold mineral owners, not only in Alberta but throughout Canada.
Three generations of my family have been aided by FHOA over the years. Initially, we learned from the website about the various contracts used by the energy industry, the need for diagonal protection (who knew?), fair bonuses and royalties etc. This strengthened our hand immeasurably when dealing with industry representatives.
Later, as a paid-up member, I obtained FHOA’s detailed and highly documented studies of our property and its environs, as well as prospects of development. As leases came up for renewal, these reports were updated. FHOA always responded promptly and patiently to all my queries, enabling me to obtain far better contracts than ever before.
Most recently, FHOA was able to discover that I was entitled to significant revenue from ongoing diagonal well production. The payout was expertly negotiated in record time thanks to the personal intervention of President David Speirs: his technical knowledge and vast experience of industry practices made all the difference. Without FHOA, I would have been a “babe in the woods”, unaware of my rights and unable to obtain the compensation owed to me.”

Patricia Corbett 


“We wish to thank FHOA, with special recognition to David Speirs, for the information /assistance he gave to us regarding the energy sector. His knowledge of Freehold Owner leases was particularly helpful to us as novices when we became Freehold owners over a decade ago.”

Gerold and Yvonne Miller

“In appreciation of the Freehold Petroleum & Natural Gas Association (FHOA)

As a surface and mineral landowner alongside my siblings, I have been responsible for negotiating our family’s mineral rights over the past six years. I am eternally grateful for what I have learned through FHOA and their Board of Directors. Because of FHOA, our family is able to safeguard our mineral rights for future generations and we have enhanced our lease negotiation skills as a collaborative family unit. The expertise and dedication of FHOA directors has supported our efforts in every aspect of mineral ownership.

A lot has changed since our parents began negotiating mineral leases after WWII. By 2014, hydraulic fracturing was introduced in our area and the aggressiveness of the company’s mineral negotiator required a concerted effort on our part to learn about mineral land negotiators’ credentials (or lack of), regulatory and legislative protection (or lack of), the hydraulic fracturing process, CAPL lease agreements, and numerous clause modifications inserted by the company presenting the lease. Most members in our extended family do not have experience in the Oil and Gas Industry and CAPL Lease legalese is daunting. Consulting FHOA was the lifeline I needed to enhance our family’s understanding and protection of our mineral interests.

In addition to consultation, web content and seminars, FHOA provided a technical report (2016) of drilling activity in our area which was prepared for a reasonable cost and ensured offset portions around our land were free of horizontal hydraulic fracturing activity. In addition, we gained information and legal counsel to create a “Mineral Rights Co-Ownership and Agency Agreement” (2017). This ‘parked Trust’ safeguards our family’s mineral rights from title fractionation and provides specific governance processes for upcoming generations. Finally, we were able to gain legal counsel and court representation to remove a caveat on our mineral title related to a 1950’s ‘inferior’ Gross Royalty Trust agreement held by Computershare Trust. This resulted in 100% of mineral royalties being returned to our family.

We are extremely grateful for FHOA’s expertise and unrelenting commitment and advocacy for mineral owners’ rights in Alberta. We urge all mineral owners to become members and support FHOA’s efforts.”

Joan Olafson


“As with many freehold mineral rights owners, I am on a certificate of title, along with my siblings and cousins, since this title has been passed down from my grandfather to his children and now grandchildren. The business of understanding leases regarding these rights and of dealing with oil and gas industry operators is very complex and confusing. Back in 2007, my mother was asked to lease the rights to an oil company (Cavalier Land). In consultation with my other relatives, I joined FHOA in order to better understand what we might be signing. They were so helpful. We would have been signing blindly without their guidance. They provided suggestions that we were able to take to Cavalier Land and have adjustments made to the lease agreement. At the time, I did a lot of studying of the lease provisions in order to understand them better. I studied the FHOA website, spoke with FHOA representatives and attended FHOA meetings. Were we asked to sign another lease today, I would once again have to approach FHOA for assistance because I have now forgotten everything I learned 12 years ago. Because of the value I received back in 2007, I have remained a member of FHOA and will continue to be one on behalf of our family. I very much appreciate the dedication so many have made to help freehold mineral owners and to work on their behalf with government and industry. With appreciation.”

Jackie Anderson


“Freehold Owner’s Association (“FHOA”) has a wide variety of information with access to various expertise for freehold mineral owners like me, who do not have the technical and legal expertise, nor the financial capability to do it on their own.

They personally helped me with:

  1. a joint submission to the Minister of Service Alberta of the day for consideration of a number of issues that required attention by the Alberta Government.
  2. a review of a proposal from my lessee on an alternate way of calculating royalty accrued and owed to me, that I declined after FHOA’s helped showed it was not beneficial for me.
  3. putting me in touch with a reasonable-cost lawyer to take on a large and well-known energy company that neglected their obligations on the lease in place. I was delighted we won the case.
  4. a valuation, at my request, of my mineral property on two different occasions.

FHOA’s newsletters, seminars and annual general meetings are excellent sources of information and provide access to expertise beneficial for freehold mineral owners. In the event I want to sell my mineral property, FHOA will be the first source to contact for help because they know who is looking to buy mineral properties.

Additionally, in the event of my passing, my executors know to contact FHOA for help in disposing of my mineral property.

When freehold mineral owners need help, FHOA is the “go to” option every time for help and guidance in the right direction. Membership in FHOA is well worth the nominal cost to belong.”

Bill Schmidt


“FHOA is a very valuable resource of information and David Speirs especially has been very helpful. Our membership, as a family corporation, in FHOA was one of the best things we have done to protect our mineral rights for future generations. We cannot thank them enough for their dedicated service for 20 years.”

Frey Family


“However, after having viewed the 10 minute slide show presentation on the Freehold Owners Association website entitield “Understanding Your Lease – The Offset Well Clause”, I came to realize there are no secrets. The slideshow and a lot more useful lease information are located on the Freehold’s website at I highly recomment that any landman working freehold lands spend a couple hours on the site.”

Negenman, Paul (December 2007)
“But You Didn’t Ask Me to Pay! Triggering Offset Well Payments under the 1991 CAPL Lease”
The Negotiator, p.3.


Our family was contacted early in 2014 by a landman on behalf of an unnamed oil company. Although 9 of us hold mineral rights in a half section of land, none of us knew enough about a CAPL lease to protect our interests. The internet led us to the FHOA website and the best $50.00 I’ve ever spent. The videos are extremely helpful in getting a basic understanding of concepts that the average person simply does not know about. A good example would be the videos on the “offset wells clause”. Even more importantly I was able to speak to David Spiers. He gave me invaluable information on a number of questions that I had. In the end we achieved a much fairer deal because of FHOA. I highly recommend this organization to anyone who feels overwhelmed when the landman comes knocking on their door.

Jason T.


We acknowledge the guidance and leadership the Freehold Owners Association has provided for our family (and no doubt countless other families in Alberta). Their assistance has allowed us to enhance our understanding about the industry, and also has allowed us to enhance our income by taking action with a high level of awareness. Questions asked have been directed to the proper officials leading us through the maze of bureaucratic departments of government and resource companies, provided us with opportunities to take part in workshops, and to meet fellow freeholders. Over the years, they have alerted us to developments that affected our income from our resource. We certainly get value for our membership. While there are some paid employees in the organization, we have been impressed with the volunteerism of many of whom we have met at the meetings.

Diana and David Ballard
Marmeg Holdings Inc.


I would be glad to write a testimonial in support of the Freehold Owners Association. I advertise for them constantly when in discussion with friends and neighbors and the topic of issues with mineral rights arises, and stress the importance and value of the information available. I tell people it has been well worth the membership fee to be able to avail oneself of their expertise!
I am part of 2 family corporations that hold mineral rights since the 1980’s. Both corporations have directly benefited by their membership in the FHOA. Both companies have benefited by the information seminars sponsored by the FHOA. Their seminars are important, informative, enlightening and timely. The only issue is that the sessions are so jammed packed with information that it is difficult to retain all of the information. Since they have developed the estate planning portion, I feel it is an absolutely invaluable resource for all of us who want to protect the value and family status of our mineral rights.
One of the companies was being shorted royalty checks. When consultation with FHOA confirmed our interpretation of the lease, and on their advisement to contact a lawyer (which the oil company in question paid for), we were sucessful in receiving back payments for royalties produced prior to investigation.
I can’t say enough about the support that the FHOA have directly and indirectly given to us over the years and I applaud their efforts in maintaining the rights of the individual on pertinent issues in ownership of mineral rights.

Nadine Bexte
Secretary for 383416 Alberta Ltd
Vice President for 334731 Alberta Ltd


Our company (my brother, my sister and I) all belong to FHOA and are very grateful for the information we receive through newsletters and emails. For me personally, having FHOA working on our behalf gives me comfort – similar to having a big brother to call on when things get confusing or intimidating!

Denise Hill


About 5 years ago, I was under an Encana lease. For a fee, FHOA made a very detailed survey of all the surrounding lands and producing wells from which Encana was collecting royalties. FHOA included sample letter to make our own claims on Encana for royalties due us, along with their exact description. Unhappily, the lease had just expired when we sent the letter to Encana. Neverthess, the survey data is still useful in many respects.

Walter Allen


My husband Myrle Schrader has the mineral rights to land in Alberta, but we live in BC.
We could not have coped without the Freeholders Association, and are proud to be members.
The FHOA has helped us immensely, as most bookkeepers etc in our area have no knowledge about mineral rights here (if there are any) never mind in Alberta. Therefore our income taxes were a nightmare in the days before we joined the Association.
We just contact them by email, and within a few days at the longest, they have answered all our vital questions, and made suggestions.
Their help and information helped us to get several back year’s income taxes redone, and much to our advantage.
We urge all readers that aren’t already members, to please join. There are so many advantages in membership numbers, for the FHOA to be able to bargain on our behalf. Thanks you,

(Mrs.) Vel Schrader for Myrle Schrader


We had a lease with a company. They had drilled and never produced anything from it and our lease said if they drilled we were unable to re-lease it until the company closed it in. We had several offers but we were unable to proceed with them. In 2001 this same company wanted us to sign a new lease. We refused saying if we couldn’t sign with another company how could we sign with them. They said it was just a formality and offered us the same signing on bonus that they had given us in 1986. I just felt this was not very fair and was very confused. I phoned FHOA and they talked to me a long time and explained things to me very well and with a lot of patience. They explained that if the company was offering to resign the lease they were probably on shaky ground. The result was that I phoned a lawyer that specialized in these leases and within days I was offered substantially more for our lease and we used the new lease CAPL 99 instead of the one they had wanted to use (I think it was CAPL 96 (I’m not sure)). I’m not all that good at writing but if you want to use it you can adjust it.
I tell everyone about your organization and I know a couple have joined.

June Clarke
334731 Alberta Ltd.


FHOA has helped our family over the years concerning mineral leases with oil companies. The volunteers at FHOA know and understand the complicated wordings of a lease and can explain it in lay man terms.
Recently FHOA helped our family retrieve a substantial amount of money owing to us for compensatory royalities in regards to offset wells. Without their help we would never have been able to accomplish this.
We have been a member since 2004 and our only regret is that we never knew about FHOA earlier. We had “the wool pulled over our eyes” by an oil company because we did not understand a lease and we didn’t know any better. I do believe that FHOA would have greatly helped us at that time before we would have signed these CAPL leases without any addendums.
I highly recommend any freehold owner to become a member of FHOA.

The Lueken family


Over the years it became increasingly obvious that the succession of oil companies leasing our mineral rights were very willing to take advantage of our ignorance and the distance between our home and the location of the land we own the mineral rights to. The Freehold Owners Association has helped educate us about the many challenges facing Freeholders and about the market value of our mineral rights. They were instrumental in helping us secure back royalties on oil that had been pumped from land adjoining our section that we were never informed about (and never would have found out about without the FHOA’s assistance). Based on our experience we feel this organization deserves every Freehold Owner’s support (financial and otherwise). The dues are inexpensive but we have found their support and expertise to be extremely valuable. Thank you FHOA.

Jay and Mary Butterworth
Florida, U.S.A.


Just wanted to drop you a short note to say thanks to all those at FHOA for all the effort, dedication and assistance you have provided me and the members of my family. In reviewing a possible lease renewal sometime in late 2008, I stumbled across the FHOA website while surfing the internet for information on “mineral rights” and to my surprise, I found that there was a host of information available from FHOA. I soon discovered that the research provided by FHOA provided some very valuable and “interesting” aspects of the mineral rights leasing business and that entering into a lease carried many legal issues which were less than simple or easy to understand. Having attended two AGM’s and seminars in my area organized and hosted by FHOA, I am somewhat wiser and certainly more alert the business of entering into a mineral right lease. I look forward to continuing my interest and participation into this very useful volunteer organization which I truly believe needs to be supported by the vast number of mineral rights owners in Western Canada to carry the rights and voice of these owners to our Government and Oil Companies in general.

Milton Niven
Sherwood Park, AB


I was advised by FHOA on How to get the lease ‘released’ by a oil company. I followed the advice, and now the non-productive release is free to be leased to anyone wanting it. I really appreciate what FHOA is doing! Sincerely,

John Blake
Clive, Alberta


4 years ago,my family and I were approached by an oil and gas company wishing to drill for gas on a property that is owned by our family. I was unsure where to look for resources and information in regards to leases, terminology, and the processes involved in signing an agreeement with the company wishing to drill, so my sister-in-law suggested I look at the FHOA website. Due to the wealth of information on this site, I was able to better understand the actual agreement as well as how to better protect our investment and make sure the agreement we eventually signed was beneficial for us. I would definitely use FHOA resources again if we ever needed to sign another agreement with an oil or gas company.

Brian de Kock


I am a freehold mineral owner. Until I became a member of FHOA, I had no other source to access for information and first-rate professional expertise for the reasonable and nominal cost of membership in FHOA. That membership gave me access to various professionals in their respective field of expertise for much needed advice. The seminars are truly an excellent forum in which to learn about many issues facing freehold mineral owners.

Bill S.


FHOA has been a huge help to our family. They had the patience to educate us. Through FHOA our family has the understanding of what it means to be a freeholder and enabled us to move forward in increasing our income. Oil and gas companies do not tell you enough. They dangle a carrot in front of you and most people are grateful to receive what they offer. However, FHOA knew the questions to ask. Thanks to FHOA we now know there is a lot more available once you have the knowledge and the contacts. Please do not hesitate to join FHOA as we’re certain even if it’s one tidbit of information you learn, that alone can be enough to make it very worth while. Sincerely,

Shan Marriott


In my ten year association with the Freehold Owner’s Association, (FHOA), I have benefitted from the knowledge and experience of this staff of exceptional volunteers. They have addressed a wide range of issues such as CAPL lease terms and definitions, government policies, tax implications, and current newsworthy topics. Their commitment in helping freeholders deal with such a wide range of complex mineral related topics is a credit to the organization.

My first experience began after noticing an advertisement in the Edmonton Journal regarding FHOA’s annual general meeting. That weekend I attended the meeting and was absolutely amazed with the subjects covered and the passion of the organizers in promoting the interests of freeholders.

Over the last ten years, I have remained impressed with the role FHOA has played in advancing the cause of mineral title holders in Alberta. This organization has been instrumental in representing us and in advancing many challenging topics in the courts and with the government. The staff who so impressed me at my first meeting continue to be the most forthright, honest, and committed individuals who are willing to assist members with a wide variety of subsurface topics. Their dedication to the education and empowerment of freehold owners is a very valuable resource for the members. There continue to be many relevant issues which FHOA is pursuing diligently in our interests and they are expanding their services to assist the membership in more areas. On a personal level, I am pleased to support their ongoing operation and I unequivocally recommend them to my fellow freehold owners.

Elaine Huston


“I became a FHOA member about 18 months ago, after being contacted by a land company about some prospective exploration of land to which my family still had mineral rights. This responsibility was inherited by me after the death of a relative, and I would be the first to say that I was very inexperienced with the whole field of oil exploration.

Because I was representing other family members, I did consult with a lawyer specializing in this field. He made some suggestions about some clauses and phrases in the contract that was offered, but did not catch all the repetitions of a key phrase that needed to be changed. throughout the contract.

I turned to the FHOA website as well, which had some very helpful information that, in some ways, was more helpful than the information provided by the lawyer. I believe that the FHOA information actually helped me to negotiate an increase in the royalty rate being offered, by at least 1 percent, which could be quite significant if oil or other resources were located in any significant amount.
I also appreciate ongoing information from FHOA about issues of interest to freehold parties.
I would encourage any freehold owner to purchase a FHOA membership, thereby adding your voice when important issues arise that are relevant to freehold owners. Sincerely,

Mary M.
Calgary, Alberta”


About 5 years ago, my brother passed away rather unexpectedly and in his will he had left his royalty shares to myself, a sister and a brother to be divided equally. We had no idea how to arrange for this , or even what the first step was to get this accomplished. We phoned your office and spoke with a very accommodating man, who was a fountain of information on the situation and told us what to do and expect tax wise, which was a big shocker. Thanks to him and this information, we were prepared for what was to come. It did take 2 years to get everything straightened out, as the brothers affairs were not in the best of shape, but we finally managed and got the shares transferred and the monies that had accumulated dispersed. A real learning experience, but the one who benefited the most was the tax man, unfortunately. ….

Keep up the good work and thanks for your help. We likely will be calling upon your assistance again down the road. Regards

Carol A. Sprecher
Kelowna, B.C.


I, Wayne Hearonemus would like to state how Freehold has helped our family ( 3 families with joint freehold rights ) negotiate lease renewal and fair value on our lease rights. Freehold has been a source of professional and never ending information and advise on how to deal with the ” big ” corporate oil and gas companies and their group of lawyers , accountants and land agents .When an individual mineral rights owner confronts all these ” big ” company professionals , it can be s very confusing as well as extremely intimidating .This is where Freehold comes in as a very knowledgeable , competent and professional organization working for us on our behalf .

I personally feel that anyone with freehold mineral rights … large or small .. should be a Freehold Owners Association member .
For the minimal cost of a membership , the knowledge base and recommendations given by all the professional ” oilfield ” people at Freehold is price less .

These people all work for minimal pay or no pay at all , so … buy a membership so they can continue to be there for us when we need their assistance and professional advise. Thank you and regards

Wayne Hearonemus
A freehold mineral owner


I inherited my leases and with miminal knowledge of the leasing process I have been so grateful to have an organization that will provide me with information, the seminars that I have been able to attend have been very informative–these legacies definitely come with much responsibility!!

Joan Hunter


Several years ago when I was living outside Canada, I was contacted by a “landman” wanting to lease mineral rights that had been handed down to me from my family. In years gone by when the opportunity arose my family members would just sign whatever lease was presented to them, pleased that they could make a few dollars from their mineral rights but not really knowing or understanding what they were signing. Through a brief internet search, I became aware of the FHOA. Over the course of a couple of long distance calls, I gained extremely valuable advice from David Speirs. He advised me about what was happening in the area in question, what I could expect to lease the rights for, how lease forms differ, and what clauses of the lease to pay particular attention to. Mr. Speirs’ advice and the knowledge I have gained from the FHOA website has very substantially increased my income as well as my knowledge and confidence in handling my mineral rights and I wish to extend a HUGE thank you to many committed volunteers of the FHOA for the valuable work they do. A grateful member,

M. H.


FHOA is a vital, distinctive organization that offers a wealth of knowledge and information to Freehold Owners. Even though I found this web site “after the fact”, it still offered me the education I needed. It allowed me to make my point to the energy company, be taken seriously, and make some changes. I quickly found that knowledge is power and the FHOA helps with what you need to know as well as providing expert volunteers to help interpret things. For the first time in a long time I didn’t feel like I was “fighting this fight” alone.

I can not thank them enough for all they have done. I can not begin to say how much I appreciate all the hours they volunteer to help others. My joining the FHOA and having access to this vast array knowledge was one of the best things I have done for myself and my family. Thank you

Joy Fuller


I have used this site ,as a paying member, to inform myself about the legal language in the standard offer forms concerning freeholder mineral rights. I am in a much better position to deal with energy companies because of this group effort. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers whom have constructed this website so freely giving valuable advice.



Our family has been members of FHOA for a number of years.We have attended many information metings and AGMs- all of which we have found to be very informative. The information presented at these meetings has proven to be valuable when we have been negotiating with oil and gas companies. The organization has grown and become very professional. We would encourage others to join because it would definitely be to their benefit.

Allen Johnson and Fern Reinke


As a family new to this petroleum thing – we are very grateful for your steering us in the proper directions. You have been so good to me in my many calls of “help”! We have processed the necessary steps in forming a corporation and again – I feel so very comforted to know how food FHOA is!



I want to express my deep gratitude to the FHOA team for the support that my family has received. We struggled in the dark for many years, feeling very frustrated and vulnerable due to our lack of knowledge. We desperately needed an advisor and advocate. What a blessing, when I discovered FHOA online and got in touch! Thanks to the briefing material and seminars, I have a much, much better understanding of my parents’ mineral title and royalty trusts, and when something comes up that I don’t understand, I have an expert resource. THANK YOU FHOA!

Mark J.


David Speirs of the FHOA came to our rescue several years ago when we needed advice on having a caveat withdrawn and negotiating a new oil lease contract. The process was confusing. None of the many lawyers I approached could help us and none of them knew of anyone who was familiar with oil lease contracts. Fortunately, my daughter found the FHOA on the internet. When we contacted them, David Speirs patiently led us through the maze of terms and conditions and explained them in a way that we could understand. With his guidance, we were able to have the caveat lifted and some of the language in the 1991 CAPL lease contract amended.

Last month I received a letter giving me notification of a company’s application to commingle production in the area where we have mineral rights. Commingling is a new concept for me to understand. Once again I contacted the FHOA and David Speirs came to my rescue; translating the jungle of jargon into concepts I could understand. The company had offered to answer any questions that I had. But until I understood the technical content of the letter it was impossible to know what questions to ask. David provided us with the maps, information, and technical translations that we needed in order to ask the necessary questions. AND, to evaluate the answers we were given by the company’s representative.

Prior to discovering the FHOA we dealt with landmen and had to rely on what they told us. There was no way for us to check the validity of the information they provided. Over the years companies that had contacted us amalgamated with other ‘entities’ and some just disappeared. Yet the FHOA and their staff have remained constant through the years and have been able to help freehold owners in Alberta as well as those of us who do not live in the province. We all need to continue to support this vital association and its knowledgeable volunteers in every way we can.

Marion Bell
Courtenay, B.C.